Slovak Citizenship by Descent

We are a specialised family firm that helps people with Slovak heritage to become Slovak citizens.

Welcome! If you wish to reconnect with Slovakia, you are in the right place. We can help you acquire citizenship and residency, and with any other related issues.

We will guide you through the entire process: advise you on your options, tailor the strategy to your personal goals, search for ancestors and documents, represent you before the authorities, and if needed, assist you during your stay in Slovakia while you are waiting for citizenship.

Our free or paid services were already used by more than 300 people.

We offer three free services:

We also offer paid services throughout the entire process:

  • There are 3 potential routes to Slovak citizenship by descent: Orange, Green and Blue. We describe them here. Depending on your eligibility, you can pursue one or more routes.
  • We summarise 6 steps to acquire Slovak citizenship by descent in this article.

Each of the three routes has its own rules, advantages, and disadvantages. They can be sometimes combined to achieve better results. We can assess your file and tailor the strategy to your needs.

Start by using our free citizenship eligibility check that will give you a rough sense of your legal situation. If the eligibility check is positive, you can request a quotation by telling us about your needs. We help with all aspects of the process of gaining citizenship, from searching for documents, the legal questions, to arranging your stay in Slovakia.