We love when our work helps people to fulfill their dreams. Here we list some of our proudest moments. To protect privacy of clients, we do not disclose the identity of persons.

John is a pensioner who decided to relocate to Slovakia after a succesful career in the USA. His dream has always been to re-connect with his roots, and spend his retirement in one of the lovely cities in the East of Slovakia. When John approached us, he had no documents. We build his case step-by-step, found the missing documents, including from Ukraine in the midst of war, and applied for SLAC. Soon, he was a proud holder of the permit, and could relocate to Slovakia. We helped him with the move, and now are preparing his application for citizenship. Thanks to our work, John now is enjoying his retirement according to his dreams.

Jane is a young professional who wanted to relocate to Europe from Australia. She wanted to set-up a business here, but her Australian citizenship offered only limited possibilities. We have investigated her case and found out that she actually is a Slovak citizen on paper, but only needs to prove it to obtain the citizenship certificate, and subsequently passport. After a fast document hunt, we manage to locate the right documents in midst of summer, and helped her to apply for certification of citizenship. Jane is now pround holder of Slovak citizenship, moved to Europe, and does her business here without limits thanks to our work.