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Everyone’s situation differs. Some cases are complex, others are straightforward. Some of you want full service (help with everything), others only minor advice. We understand this. Our options reflect that.


  1. Inquiry packages (Assess Explainer, Basic, Standard, Standard Plus)
  2. Investigation package (Assess Standard & Investigation)
  3. Application package (Assess Standard & Investigation & Application)
  4. Assistance package (as Application, but with Assistance)

Four Assess Packages

  • Assess Explainer is a package for those who only want to clarify certain general questions.
  • Assess Basic is a package for those who want us to assess their entire file. We use a very extensive onboarding survey to learn about your situation and relevant family history. On the basis of these facts, we assess all your facts, their relevance or correctness, and provide our tailored advice with your options, including each option’s pros and cons, and personal recommendations. If necessary, we recommend where you need to gather further evidence and put you in touch with a genealogist. All of these findings are summarized in a report that is sent to you via email.
  • Assess Standard is a package that includes the same services as Basic, plus a follow-up virtual meeting (60-minutes) with us to discuss our findings.
  • Assess Standard Plus is a package that includes the same services as Standard, plus instructions explaining how to submit the citizenship application on your own.

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