Slovak Citizenship by Descent

We are a specialised family firm that helps people with Slovak heritage to become Slovak citizens.

We will guide you through the entire process: advise you on your options, tailor the strategy to your personal goals, search for ancestors and documents, represent you before the authorities, and if needed, assist you during your stay in Slovakia while you are waiting for citizenship.

Inquiry stage

The Inquiry has two steps:

  • Step 1: Citizenship Eligibility Check (free of charge)
  • Step 2: General or Tailored Advice (flat fee)

Step 1: Start by using our free citizenship eligibility check that will give you a rough sense of your legal situation. It looks at whether you have a chance to apply for Slovak citizenship by descent.

Step 2: If the eligibility check is positive, you can book our general or tailored advice for a flat fee. If only need to resolve specific questions without looking at your facts, you can book our general advice. If you want clarity on your personal situation, book our tailored advice. Based on an extensive questionnaire about your personal history and future plans, we will look at your facts and evidence, and prepare a document detailing your options, their pros and cons, and approximate costs. We will also identify the areas where the evidence needs to be gathered to strengthen the case.

Investigation stage (variable fees)

We can help with the search for your ancestors, their records, and necessary documents. Usually, we do this after you tried our eligibility check. However, if you prefer, an investigation can be carried out first. We arrange expert help from a genealogist and request the necessary documents from the archives on your behalf. Once the historical evidence is strong enough, you can either use our services to apply for citizenship or do it on your own using our instructions.

Application stage (variable fees)

The application stage is for those who wish to avoid the necessary paperwork and want to leave it to us to prepare the application process with a help of a lawyer.

Assistance in Slovakia (variable fees)

Finally, in case you need to stay in Slovakia due to a residence requirement (see here) for a period when your application is processed by authorities, we can provide assistance with securing housing, or finding you a host institution for your studies, research, work or business. We particularly encourage researchers to get in touch.